Quality & Style

Our doors are manufactured in adherence to EU safety and quality standards. We use custom-made pre-coated galvanised steel and can also add insulation foam filling for added comfort and functionality. 

Garage Doors

Residential & Commercial

Overhead Sectional Doors

Overhead sectional doors are designed to present users with superior weather resistance and excellent security. Moreover, they can present your home with stylish looks thanks to the variety of colours and finishes that we offer. 

Roller Shutters

These shutters can be supplied in coloured insulated aluminium slats. Shutters made of this material are very silent and also keep out heat, humidity, and noise. Windowed slats can also be included. Standard residential roller shutters come in white and wood finish.

Hinged Doors

Manufactured using galvanised steel sheets in self or PVC finishes. Hinges are galvanised for long maintenance-free life. Doors are supplied with a multi-turn rim latch lock to provide all the security required. Doors can be fitted with a remote-controlled opener.

Foldaside Doors

Fold-aside doors open inwards and are ideal for areas with very little or no headroom. The doors can be fitted with opening decorative windows to provide ventilation and a brighter interior, as well as give the doors an elegant appearance.

Residential Gates

Our range includes manual and automatic gates manufactured from sheet metal, wrought iron, metal and other insulating materials. All of our gate products are custom-designed.

Collapsible Doors

These doors are mainly used to protect entrances and windows, ideal for added security in domestic settings. These doors are highly reliable, easy to use and can present you with a complete aperture opening within your home. These doors can also be used in industrial settings. 


Fire Doors

Our selection of fire-rated doors can minimise fire damage in any property as they stop fires from spreading. 

High-Speed Doors

Our high-speed doors have built-in security functions designed to increase security.

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Most of the doors available at FGP Ltd can be automated, moreover, we can present you with an automation motor on an existing garage door. 

Sectional Door Motors

Rolling Shutter Motors

Automated Bollards

Automated Barriers

Folding Gate Motors


We can manufacture and install all types of gates for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Our range includes manual and automatic gates manufactured from sheet metal, wrought iron, metal and timber clad and insulated materials. All the gates created by FGP Ltd are custom-designed following our customers’ requirements and preferences.

Industrial Gates