Our History 

FGP Ltd first opened its doors back in 1962 as a fibreglass company. We produced a range of water tanks and boats. After 10 years, our company ventured into the production of light metals, and by time, we started to broaden our portfolio. 

We started producing garage doors and office furniture – while phasing out our selection of fibreglass products. 

One thing has remained a constant at FGP Ltd: the high quality of our products and customer solutions that we present our clients with. 

Our Mission Statement 

We at FGP Ltd are committed to present our customers with high-quality solutions, stellar customer services and the best products we have to offer. 

Customer Satisfaction

We aim to meet our clients’ needs and provide them with quality manufacturing and stellar installation solutions. 

Optimal Product Delivery

We present our clients with optimal delivery solutions along with cost-effectiveness when it comes to product installation and delivery 

After-Sales Services 

We offer the absolute best aftersales solutions in conjunction with our abilities. We strive for constant customer satisfaction.

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