The RIB JOLLY series of single-phase actuators is specifically designed to operate spring-balanced roller shutters.
  • Installation is quick and easy, while the range of different motor sizes make it adaptable to all shutter requirements.
  • The electric motor is protected by heat probes, while the robust mechanical components, protected by special synthetic grease, ensure the highest standards of operating reliability.
  • The JOLLY can be operated by various controls; you can in fact choose between a remote control, push-buttons or key selectors.
  • In the event of power failure, simply rotate the crank (supplied) or operate one of the other RIB devices to release the actuator.
  • In the RIB tradition, all JOLLY actuators are powerful and secure.
  • To keep the shutter at the required height, motors can be fitted with an electric brake.
  • 2 years guarantee on parts and labour.
  • Accessories available