Roller shutters are manufactured from interconnected steel slats that roll upwards by means of tempered, counterbalancing steel springs of various sizes, mounted on a steel shaft. The slats slide in side channels purposely made according to the width and rawlbolted to the wall. All shutters have a central or lateral locks, a bottom reinforced angular profile and a pull handle. All components are galvanized. These shutters are best suited to secure shops, business premises, homes, stores and industrial buildings 


For the home-lover, these shutters can be supplied in coloured PVC coated galvanized slats that blend in well with the surrounding apertures. The colours available include: bianco perla, oak, and moss green. Roller shutters can also be manufactured in double skinned PVC coated insulated steel. Shutters made of this material are very silent and also keep out heat, humidity, and noise. Small windowed slats can also be included. Colours available are in white, oak and green.




For shop owners these shutters can be supplied in various 'transparent' designs allowing customers to see the display and window-shop whilst still keeping undesired intruders out. The designs available include both small and large brick-pattern grills and wavy grills made up of tubes and connecting rods. Our clients can also opt for micro-perforated slats that grant the maximum protection to their premises without blocking the view of the interior. The multitude of small holes in these slats creates the optical effect of transparency. The top and bottom sections are solid thus offering added security.
All our rolling shutters can be fitted with a variety of automatic opening devices namely, hand-held remote control transmitters, digital coded keypad, magnetic key and card access systems. Infrared safety photocells and flashing lights can also be added.