Insulated Overhead Sectional Doors

The garage door is typically a very prominent visual feature of our homes. It therefore makes sense to choose a door for its aesthetic appeal as well as its strength and security.. A sectional door is made up of a series of panels joined by a specially designed hinge system that allows it to go straight up and back into the roof space. These sections allow the use of a mechanism for opening the door which is both smooth to operate and easy-to-useSectional doors are easy to use and operate very smoothly. They allow better utilisation of available space, a very high level of security and excellent weather sealing properties.



Our sectional doors are manufactured to the highest safety and quality standards. They are custom made from precoated galvanized steel and are fully insulated by a 40mm thick CFC-free polyurethane foam filling. Sturdy rubber seals all round ensure a weatherproof and a cleaner garage.


An overhead sectional door offers a unique combination of pleasant design, exceptional sturdiness and security. Manual operation is light, smooth, quiet and reliable. Alternatively, sectional doors can be automatically operated by means of an electric motor. 











Decorative windows to complement any home design can also be included. A pass door can also be incorporated. 




We can supply sectional doors in white or in wood-finish as standard. We are able to supply custom colours on request. We also supply and install timber overhead sectional doors



1. Safety Spring Technology

As our sectional doors are fitted with tension springs you can rest assured that there will be no chance of the door suddenly crashing down.

2. Finger Trap Protection

Each panel is optimally shaped as a finger protection profile so there are no trap zones. The same applies to the hinges to provide a comprehensive finger-trap protection system.

3. Side Trap Guard

Our sectional range of doors all feature completely enclosed side frames running the full height of the door to eliminate the possibility of injury to trapped fingers.


4. Safety Photocells

The photoelectric cells are located in the sides of the garage opening, a little above ground level. If an object is blocking the photoelectric cells, the garage door will not move. If the door is on the way down and the beam is interrupted, the door will stop and then return to its original position. 


5. Safety Reverse

When the garage door meets resistance and detects that something is in the way, it will stop and move back up under the roof again.