Safety Photocells

The photoelectric cells are located in the sides of the garage opening, a little above ground level. If an object is blocking the photoelectric cells, the garage door will not move. If the door is on the way down and the beam is interrupted, the door will stop and then return to its original position.


Flashing Lights

These warning lights can be installed on pillars or to walls.



External key controlled keypad



External key controlled switch


External Release

To be used in case of emergency, when there is a power failure and garage door has to be opened manually from the outside.


Token operation

To enable a single entrance access or exit by means of tokens or coins.


Back Up Systems

Power cuts often create a great inconvenience. Our BACKUP SYSTEM is the simple, reliable and affordable solution. Ideal for all garage doors, gates and also emergency lighting. 
Especially suitable for communal garages.
  • Reliable emergency Battery Back-up Power. (240V)
  • Provides instant operation for automatic gates & doors.


Small and elegant hand-held transmitters with personal coding.